What Exactly Is an Alkaline Water Equipment Supplier?

Walk into any store and go to the drinks cooler, you will more than likely see various choices for water. So what is up with all these? Natural spring water is higher priced than generic brands, however, it does boast its origins from natural springs. Water from natural springs is known as alkaline water, which as any reputable alkaline water equipment supplier will tell you is the best water to drink.

To understand alkaline water, you first have to understand fundamental acid-base chemistry. Alkaline water does come with a higher pH than other water, so let’s begin with what pH actually means. It measures how much concentration there is of free hydrogen ions. The equations for this is somewhat complex, having a lot of hydrogen ions means sometimes is extremely acidic and has a low pH. Solutions that have few hydrogen ions are not acidic and come with a higher pH level.

So, how is alkaline water made? Natural alkaline water comes from springs or reservoirs of natural water beneath the earth’s surface. The rocks which house the water usually have very basic minerals, like limestone or calcium seep into the water, thus increasing its pH levels. Some companies, have their own springs they use, the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park is a prime example of alkaline springs.

Some companies will add minerals to their water, and water can be ionized also, which means it is broken into hydrogen and hydroxide ions. The hydrogen is bound by minerals within the water, this makes the water basic. But, not all ionized water will have these minerals. Tap water which is ionized does not have a lower pH, due to the fact there are no minerals to attach to. The same can be said when people buy machines which ionize tap water, without the minerals present there is no change in the pH levels.

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